London-based Spyn takes on laundry-delivery market

spyn-screenCall it the “Uber-fication” of the economy if you will, but increasingly it seems that startups seek to make on-demand services available to the average consumer and laundry is no different. Meet Spyn, a London-based startup which recently launched an app to offer on-demand laundry pickup and delivery to the masses.

Laundromats have been around for ages, but this particular startup aims to help those who lack the time or motivation to go and take care of their laundry. It is not a 24-hour service, but with hours ranging from 7am to 11pm daily (even on the weekend), they are pretty flexible. Pickup and delivery is free, but it will cost each customer at least 10 Pounds to get their laundry done. At the moment, the service allows customers to send blouses, shirts, jackets, day dresses, and bed spreads away for cleaning.

Rahul Goyal, who co-founded the service with fellow London Business School alumnus Karandeep Baweja, tells me that the was working in private equity when he recognized that many professionals have little alternative to taking a handful of shirts to the dry cleaners or doing it themselves on a weekly basis. So, he connected with Baweja, who had experience managing operations, and they set out to tackle this problem.

Spyn only launched in August of this year, so they are hesitant at this point to reveal information about their investors or their total number of users, but Goyal would say that they have found clients in all the neighborhoods of London since the service launched and are considering expansion into other cities.

The London laundry market has become fairly crowded, as ihateironing, Washbox, LaundryRepublic, and Lavanda compete to gain market-share. The most recent to enter the area, however, would ZipJet, a Rocket Internet creation.

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