Cocoon offers up a sound-based, and chic, home security system

cocoon-deviceSecurity systems are relatively inexpensive, available online for a few hundred dollars and in a variety of models. Many offer cameras, a set-top box, and maybe other parts in order to protect the home. They are typically not complicated to setup, but for those seeking something incredibly simple, there is an alternative entering the market. Cocoon is a British startup aiming to crowdfund a device that harnesses the power of sound to expand its range and detect unwanted guests.

The Cocoon device is aiming to allow absent homeowners to keep tabs on their property remotely with notifications delivered to their smartphones. The device works by measuring sound waves to detect activity throughout the house and then sends alerts whenever it notices any unusual activity (but they are marketing it as “pet-friendly,” as movements by your dog or cat do not register). The device is designed to be “smart,” as well, learning when users come and go so that the number of false alarms decreases.

You cannot always rush home to check on any unusual activity, so the device also includes an HD video camera to let the consumer check out the room in which it’s located and see what may have raised suspicions. If an intruder does find his way into the home, the device uses a loud alarm to hopefully drive them away.

Colin Richardson, one of 5 founders of the startup, tells me that they are planning to put the device up for retail for $399, but early backers will unsurprisingly receive a discount. Those who pick up now through Indiegogo will be able to order one for $249 (although it was available to the first 200 backers and is sold out at this price point) and then $299. Although the startup officially launched last month, they are not planning to ship out the first units to backers until the 4th quarter of next year.

Cocoon still has 32 days left in their Indiegogo campaign, but they have already passed their original goal of $100K with $104K from 415 and will likely end up with a considerable amount of backing. Richardson tells me that the team, based out of Leeds and Nottingham, England, are privately funded thus far, but they are not new to entrepreneurship, having previously previously exited 3 startups during the past decade. They make it clear in their Indiegogo campaign that they are solely seeking funding for manufacturing, which indicates that they are on pretty firm footing in terms of finances.

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