Tageme allows users to find lost items with the help of strangers

tageme-lifestyleSlovakia does not frequently make waves in the startup world, but one company aims to obtain traction with a device that enables users to recover lost items with the help of strangers. Tageme, a Bratislava-based startup, has recently raised just over $15K from 130 backers through a successful Indiegogo campaign for a keychain that would allow users to keep track of their possessions from just about anywhere.

Unlike other devices, which allow users to directly track their lost keys, pet, or device, this one relies on others to give you a hand. The device, which does not operate with a battery, allows finders of lost items to connect with the proper owner by scanning a QR code and then sending them a message to arrange to drop the item off. One of the nicer aspects of the proposed device is that the manufacturers are aiming to preserve the anonymity of both parties when they communicate about returning the lost item.

Early backers were able to order one of the tags for $11 or $19 (depending on when they picked one up). The devices are due to be shipped to backers in late January.

This is certainly an intriguing device for those wanting to keep track of whatever they attach it to, but I am not sure how willing those who find the items will want to help in returning them to the rightful. Other trackers would not necessarily help much in guarding against theft, but this requires help from others and that might not always be forthcoming. Still, it is better than not having a tracker and may offer some peace of mind.

Another issue is that the device requires the finder to be able to figure how to obtain the information of the owner of the item. It is not difficult, requiring the finder to simply scan the QR code on the device, but it’s not intuitive and they would not likely think to look for it. I’m intrigued by this overall concept, but it seems to be quite a bit of faith in those who would find the lost item.

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