Kahoot! gains popularity as quiz and survey-creation platform for educators

kahoot-screenA lot of time in a typical classroom involves dry lessons and boring lectures and teachers frequently introduce videos, games, and other activities to liven things up and make learning fun. However, finding the ideal activity sometimes is not easy and teachers can use some assistance. Meet Kahoot, a London-based service aiming to improve the educational experience by letting teachers create games and learn from the efforts of others.

Essentially, Kahoots aims to help educators introduce some fun into their lessons by creating quizzes, surveys, or polls to encourage class participation. One of the nicer aspects of this platform is that they say that students can use an web-connected device to participate. Teachers are able to create quizzes by dragging-and-dropping content or by finding pre-made content. They can then put it up on a screen in the front of the class and students go ahead and play by using their phones, tablets, or computer. If educators are unable to come up with the right quiz for their class, another option is to check out content create by global users. Kahoot is free to end-users, but CEO Johan Brand tells me that the platform generates revenue by offering a “pilot license” to institutions and corporations.

Brand, who co-founded the company with Jamie Brooker and Morten Versik, says that they created the startup from a desire to liven up the classroom environment. Brand and Brooker created startup We Are Human in London in 2010 and then launched Kahoot! in 2013. Brand says that the large majority of shares in the company remain under the control of the management, with external funding coming from grants and “soft funding” from the Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway, and awards.

Kahoot has only launched in public beta in August 2013, but the service has seen its popularity take off. Brand tells me that they have seen the platform become especially popular since this school year started, with 900K players joining every week. All told, 12 million players currently use the platform. The students are typically introduced to the platform by their teachers, 300K of whom have joined, hailing from 150 countries. Even though the service has taken off worldwide,

Brand says that Turkey has actually become one of their fastest-growing markets. Kahoot! only launched in Turkey in October, but he says that they are adding 4,000 players per week from this market. However, the United States provides the large majority of the service’s traction, with 80% of users living in this market.

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