ZAP! Reklam aims to bring taxi-based advertising into the 21st century

ZAPreklamAdvertising on cabs has been around for years, but those looking to market the “old-fashioned” way end up facing the same issues that they would face with static billboards. The message certainly gets out there, but there may be times when companies are not reaching out to their target audience and part of their advertising budget may be wasted. ZAP! Reklam, a Turkish startup, aims to solve this problem by allowing companies to indicate when and where they would like their ads to be displayed, thus giving more value on their advertising funds.

The idea behind the platform is that, much as you would online, companies are only charged whenever their ads are actually displayed. ZAP! says that companies have the option of selecting the time and place to display the ads (5 different times of day to choose from) and the companies are offered data on when the ads are shown.

They have not picked up a huge amount of traction, having just launched, but Kipman says that they have already partnered with Turk Telecom, in addition to a few smaller companies. At the moment, the company offers their service through 12 taxis, which display over a combined 4,800km daily.

They are certainly ambitious, however, as they are planning to expand beyond Ankara by launching 100 screens in Istanbul and are looking to go global within the next 6 months, as they are currently holding negotiations regarding a franchising agreement with companies in the U.S., Spain, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, and India.

Kipman tells me that he and co-founders Ahmet Bati and Emrecan Bati have been developing the project since March 2013. The company is funded by $50K that they obtained from the Turkish Ministry of Science, Technology, and Industry for their ZAP! project.

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