Danish carpooling and P2P rental service GoMore tops 200K users

gomore-ios-appCompanies like Uber and Lyft made have garnered considerable attention in recent years as competitors to established taxi companies, but one Danish firm has been offering carpooling for nearly a decade and recently announced that it has hit the 200K-user mark. Meet GoMore, a startup which was originally conceived by co-founders Matias Mol Dalsgaard and Soren Riis as a side project when they were students and has become a leading carpooling and P2P rental service in Denmark.

In order to find or offer rides through this service, users are required to sign in through Facebook or by an account created through the site. Having signed up, users find their ideal route and then search for a driver based on the time that they are leaving (with “superusers” listed at the top). It is immediately clear as to which drivers have spots available and how much they charge, but clicking on each driver’s profile reveals whether they allow pets, talking, music, smoking, or children.

The rental side of the service is somewhat simple in terms of interface. In order to find a car to rent, users indicate their location and dates for which they need it. It is then possible to search by price (listed on a daily and hourly basis), by a particular feature within the car, or browse through the models.

At the moment, the company is pretty focused on the Scandinavian market. CMO Mikkel Marius Winther tells me that they rolled out a carpooling service in Norway and Sweden and a P2P rental service in the domestic Danish market. As a result, they are currently adding an average of 15K users monthly. They are currently working on rolling out an Android app and redesigning their iOS app, but he says that they may also move into new markets at some point.

GoMore has been around for quite a while, having been founded back in 2005. However, Winther tells me that they relaunched in 2011 on a new technical platform and that the team only went full-time last year. Even though they have been around for a good while, they have actually only raised their first external funding within the past couple of years. Last April, the company picked up $500K from Jesper Buch and Kasper Grundtvig Knokgaard and then built on that with $2 million in a seed round from Danish venture fund SEED Capital.

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