PhotoMath reads and solves math expressions using your smartphone’s camera

PhotoMath_screenFor those want to avoid the small amount of effort to calculate sums on smartphone’s calculator app, there is a solution and it comes in the form of PhotoMath, a platform that allows its users to solve math problems by taking your phone’s camera and simply holding it over the problem the user wishes to solve.

One of the coolest aspects of this service, which you would access by downloading their mobile apps that it goes beyond simply solving basic problems like 1+1, but also solves algebraic and more complex problems. And it acts as a teaching tool, as well. In addition to simply solving problems, the service offers step-by-step guides on the problems solved so that users can pick up a bit of knowledge in the process. The company states within the app page that not every problem can be solved with the service (no handwritten numbers, please!).

Since the app’s recent launch, it has proven to be wildly popular, picking up 2.5 million users within a few days of its release. For now, the service is completely free to use. As is common with developers, the company has opted to roll out an iOS app first and will then release an Android version later. Apps for iOS and Windows Phone can be downloaded now and an Android app is slated to be released some time in early 2015.

Izet Zdralovic from Croatia, who co-founded the service, tells me that the inspiration for this business came from personal frustration with paying bills with paper money. He and his co-founders felt that they could come up with a better solution and ended up developing PhotoPay, which launched in the EU last year and now claims 4.5 million users. Zdralovic tells me that the company is self-funded thus far.

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