Angry Birds producer Rovio releases new game ‘RETRY’

Rovio-RETRYRovio, the company who created the wildly popular mobile game Angry Birds, has released the much anticipated new game titled RETRY. The new game which is very similar to Flappy Bird in its mechanics, is the first global release by Rovio Entertainment’s experimental publishing arm, Rovio LVL11.

The game was soft launched earlier this year and is now available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play Store across the world. The players of “8-bit flying challenge” is expected to keep their tiny plane afloat without hitting the various obstacles in different stages.

“RETRY is a tribute to the video games of the 80s a lot of us grew up with”, said Jami Laes, Executive Vice President of Games, Rovio Entertainment. “The fun 8-bit aesthetics, chiptune music, the difficulty curve that hit you like a two-by-four – and you still persisted and beat those levels.”

Rovio LVL11 is the publishing arm announced earlier this year to release Rovio’s experimental projects. The company is going through a “organizational simplification” that included the recent layoff of 130 employees. Check below the promo video for RETRY.

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