KptnCook helps wannabe cooks with a fresh set of recipes every day

kptncook-appThere are plenty of places to find cooking recipes online, too many, perhaps, but sometimes it nice to just have curated suggestions so that you don’t have to seek, try and figure out what you should make. Meet KptnCook, a German startup looking to encourage cooking experimentation with new recipes delivered daily to your mobile device. 

As you might expect from a recipe service, the app (exclusive to iOS at the moment) serves up recommendations for quick, easy-to-cook meals. In this case, the service draws ingredients from local grocery stores and offers up 3 recipes which disappear within 24 hours. CEO Polina Marchenko tells me that the service free to basic users, but certain features are premium and require a small fee. Marchenko says that paid features include the ability to extend your “favorite” list and curated recipes (however, it is free if you cook the recipe that day).

KaptnCook is based out of Berlin, where the service launched in January, but it did not take them long to set their sites on the international market. Unsurprisingly for a European startup, they have already looked across to the American market and Marchenko tells me that they launched in the United States and established a presence in San Francisco in September.

Marchenko, who founded the startup with Alex Reeg and Eva Hoefer, tells me that they have undisclosed early-stage investment from Plug and Play, but that the team bootstrapped the service at the product-development and early traction stages. Thus, when considering that they have light funding thus far, it becomes more impressive than that their app has been downloaded more than 100K times and currently boosts several thousand active users.

Marchenko tells me that the service emerged from a personal need. Wanting to cook, she naturally went online and took trips to the supermarket to come up with ideas. However, she found herself overwhelmed with choices and decided to come up with her own solution. Thus, in June 2013, she went attended the Startup Weekend Food Innovation event in Berlin, presented the idea and found a team, and ended up winning. Marchenko was working at an ecommerce company at the time, but quit that job to work full-time on her own startup.

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