Yahoo is shutting down its offices in Amman, Jordan

yahoo-ammanA year after closing its Cairo office, Yahoo has now decided to shut down its headquarters in Amman, Jordan. too. All Jordanian operations will be transferred to its Dubai headquarters, the only remaining Yahoo office in the Arab world.

The company said the decision is a part of “global efforts to streamline operations” will be fully implemented until the end of this year. There is no clear information in the press release below about what will happen to the personnel during the closure. It says “some employees will be offered relocations”.

Yahoo’s Amman office was launched in May 2010 in conjunction with the acquisition of Jordanian web portal which, then, grew the search engine’s user base in the Arab world from 20 million to almost 40 million.

Here is Yahoo’s press release on the issue:

Today we informed our employees based in Amman, Jordan that we’ve made a difficult decision to close the office by end of the year. This decision is part of Yahoo’s global efforts to streamline operations that will help us execute more quickly and efficiently. The Middle East and North Africa will continue to be an important market for Yahoo and we remain committed to our users and advertisers in the region.

Amman has provided strong support for Yahoo in the Middle East and North Africa region with the acquisition of Maktoob, which remains a leading destination in the region. Yahoo Maktoob’s operations will continue to be supported from our regional offices in Dubai and from other locations.

All of our impacted employees will be treated with respect and fairness through this transition and we will be offering relocations to some employees. We are incredibly grateful for our employees’ hard work and remain thankful for all their contributions.

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