Kano launches to let anyone build their own computer and begin coding

kano-kitKano, based in London, publicly launches to offer do-it-yourself computer sets designed to encourage potential coders of all ages to develop an interest in computing. Kano is one of the companies that has found significant success in raising funds through Kickstarter, having picked up more than $1.5 million from over 13,000 backers (originally aimed for $100K) last December.

The units that they developed have been available for pre-order and the company has already shipped 18K to early backers. Now, they are publicly launch to sell their units, which cost $150 (free shipping). At the moment, the company ships to 86 countries.

Those who opt to pick up one of the units receive a guide, Kano OS and levels on 8GB SD card, DIY speaker, Raspberry Pi Model B, keyboard, case, stencils and stickers, HDMI and mini-USB cables, smart power plug, and a WiFi powerup, so it represents a nice starter kit for someone looking to get started in developing or coding.

The company does not settle for offering the hardware, as they have also developed Kano Blocks, a software program designed to allow inexperienced developers to try their hand at coding on the computer that they have just built.


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