Movie Shaker offers up movie recommendations with a shake of the wrist

Some people just do not have the patience to look up for a film to watch. Olga Belova believes that she has the solution in the form of her iOS app Movie Shaker, which aims to help people to quickly find interesting films to watch.

The service is pretty simple at the moment, as it allows users to sift through various films by opening the app and (gently) shaking your phone. For now, hand-picked list of films is comprised mainly of award-winners, be it the nominees for “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards, recipients of the Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, or other critically-acclaimed selections. The app is pretty plain, offering access to trailers and a link to the IMDB page for the film and Belova is planning to keep it that way. Those looking to pick the app up in Apple’s App Store will need to pay $0.99.

Belova currently works as a project manager at Yandex, the Russian search-engine giant, but she writes that she decided to create this app as a side project. Belova goes into greater detail here, but essentially she came to the idea after reading a book on great screenwriting and decided that she wanted to watch the films that the author of that book recommended. However, she soon encountered frustration as the list of titles recommended frequently told her nothing about the actual content of the film. Thus, she decided to survey her close friends and see if they would be interested in a service. Receiving a positive response, she built the app with Sergey Maletin, an iOS developer by trade who, unsurprisingly, fills the same role on this project.

Belova says that the service, which they completely bootstrapped, does not have many users at this point. They did a quiet launch back on September 24th, but are aiming to pump up their marketing efforts in the coming weeks.

At the moment, the service connects users to films that they might enjoy and then leaves it up to them to go and find it. One of the logical next moves is to let users access the films from the app and that is exactly what the developers plan to do. Other plans include offering personalized recommendations, expanding their movie database, and smart filters.

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