Screenscott launches to simplify the process of pushing iOS apps to market

One of the more tedious parts of putting an iOS app on the market is creating screenshots. German startup Appetico is aiming to help developers to publish their app materials with the service Screenscott.

Visiting the company’s page, I found that developers have a template for submitting app screenshots, including a spot for the headline, various phones (to indicate how the app would look), different backgrounds behind the phone, and a place to add screenshots.

The team behind Screenscott has opted for a fee-based revenue model. The cheapest package runs users $10 and allows developers of one app to export it for 24 hours, while the next price level (typically $20, but currently $10 to celebrate the launch of the platform) enables users to export one app for 12 months. They also offer a multi-app package, but it would run users $200.

Appetico only launched on Wednesday, so the service has not yet picked up a ton of traction. Silke Warner, who co-founded the service with Christoph Neijenhuis, tells me that their users to this point are beta testers from their network.

Werner tells me that they are currently bootstrapping their MVP and may look for investment only later. The service is iOS-exclusive for now and Werner says that they will look into integrating it with other devices and operating systems once they have become more established. This is not the duo’s first effort at building a startup, as they previously participated in the program at the Berlin-based Hubraum incubator and launched Appetico to offer a place for food bloggers to publish their recipes. That did not work out, however, and now they have pivoted the company.

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