Cozify looks to take over the home with hub and complementary app

cozify-screenWith homes increasingly becoming “smart”, the race is on to become the market leader for devices and apps allowing users to control their home with a few taps on the screen of a smartphone. Finnish startup Cozify has tossed its hat in the ring with a hub and app that will offer users a connection to the appliances in their “smart” home.

Not a lot of information is available on how the service will work, Cozify put out a video this week to offer a peek. As far as we know, the app allows users to creates groups of devices, which would allow you to set it so that you can have certain devices turn on or off at a set time. The service works through WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee and allows users to control their lights, surveillance cameras, doors, thermostats, and more.

Pricing is not currently set in stone, but a representative from Cozify tells me that they are looking towards a hybrid pricing model. Users will likely pay a fee upfront, between 50-100 Euro, to set-up the service and then subscribe for 10-20 Euro after that. The subscription fee would pay for the hub, cloud services, and software updates.

Right now, Cozify tells me that they have a few dozen users in their pilot program and expect to have 100 by the end of this year. The company says that all of the pilot users are paying customers and that the product is due to be made available for retail next year (although you can pre-order it on their website now).

Just last week, Cozify announced that it has obtained more than 1 million Euro from Finnish funding agency Tekes, the company’s own employees, and an undisclosed, but “well-established” family business over the course of the past year. The company says that it intends to use the funding to establish the pilot program, which began at the beginning of the summer, and to fund the research and development of their commercial version.

Last month, we covered the Homey, an orb-shaped hub from Dutch startup Athom, which also aims to allow people to control their homes remotely. That device, which is more expensive at 179 Euro, allows users to control devices with both their phone and their voice. It is unclear at this point whether or not the Cozify device will allow for voice control.

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