miDrive connects student drivers and quality instructors, tracks your driving progress

midrive-logoDriving is an essential part of life for many, but learning to do so is not particularly exciting. In order to get qualified to drive, you typically just call up the local driving school and go through the steps to obtain a license. However, this does not necessarily offer an indication of the quality of the instruction. miDrive, based out of Kent, England, is aiming to change up this process by allowing students to search listings of local instructors by rating in order to find the best local teachers. And then there is the actual driving aspect, which allows learning drivers to use the GPS in their phones to track the routes that they use to practice (when the phone can get a signal), rate their drives, look at articles and videos, and take a practice test in order to check their skills. 

The service is free to learners, unless they opt to purchase a theory test revision for 69 pence. It is also free for instructors, but the company says on their site that they are planning to introduce a fee at some point in the future.

miDrive was founded back in 2013, but has taken off in popularity, claiming 15K learners and 2,400 instructors.This week, the company announced that they have raised 2 million Pounds from MBM Capital Partners and Holiday Extras, bringing the total amount of external investment to 3 million Pounds. With this latest funding announcement, the company has revealed plans to expand the team at its current Kent office and to open a second office in London. They are not stopping there, as another of their goals is to more aggressively market the service in the UK and abroad.

I was able to find a couple of paid apps for iOS (Student Driver Log and Teen Driving Log) which operate in the U.S. and allow student drivers to log their practice, but neither appear to allow for tracking your actual route. The difference in price is pretty negligible, as both cost no more than $2, but miDrive goes the extra distance by letting users see the actual routes that they have taken.

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