pitchXO fills startups in on which investors have seen and shared their pitch decks

pitchxoOne of the main issues with sharing documents like PDFs for pitching is that you cannot tell who might have received it or seen it. pitchXO, a startup based out of Denmark, is aiming to help companies by letting them know that their pitches are actually being reviewed. 

As with a number of startups, the concept for pitchXO came to co-founder Morten Lund as he experienced frustration with a lack of tools for sending pitch decks out to investors. Lund wanted a tool to see who was looking at the files and which pages they found particularly interesting. Thus, last September, they started building a tool that would allow investors to log in and view various files.

I went and checked out their demo page, which anyone with an account on LinkedIn, Facebook, or AngelList can do, and found that potential investors could check out the startup’s updates, videos, long and short pitch decks, KPI, and a map of offices. 

pitchXO has not been around long, having only launched in June. A representative from the company tells me that they count 50 businesses as clients at this point.

pitchXO is certainly business-focused, as the most basic package starts at $59 monthly and jumps to $99 per month for advanced users.

Google Drive appears to be one of the clearest competitors to pitchXO. The cloud-based service allows users to share documents by email or by creating a link. Users can set it so that others can edit, comment on, or view documents they send, all for free. pitchXO does not view Google as a true competitor, however, as the pitchXO platform has been integrated with Sheets and Maps, allowing their users to see live data in the former case and maps of offices (with listing of the number of employees at various locations) in the latter.

Other competitors including DocSend and ClearSlide, the latter of which has raised $89 million, including $50 million in new funding back in February.

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