Berlin-based Relayr announces that it has picked up $2.3 million in new funding

Wunderbar-sensorBerlin-based Internet of Things startup Relayr has announced that they have obtained $2.3 million in new funding from American and Swiss investors, while also revealing that they have created a corporation in the United States to further their operations there.

Although the company plans increasingly focus on the American market, they say that they will not forget about their German base and believe that Berlin is the ideal place to headquarter the company. Relayr initially picked up $20K last October from Startupbootcamp and then $342K a few weeks later from an undisclosed investor. Most recently, the company completed a crowdfunding campaign that netted them just over $111K from 282 backers.

WunderBar, a kit for developers, began to ship worldwide in late August. The kit, which is designed to look like a chocolate bar, acts as a starter package for developers interested in building apps for Internet of Things services. The package includes sensors for light, color, distance, temperature, and humidity, as well as a remote control (IR), an accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

The modules and sensors can be “broken off” and then attached to basically any location that you would like. They offer tutorials, so those who are not experienced developers need not be wary of picking a kit up. The kits are available through pre-order for 174 Euro to those who order from Europe, $199 to U.S.-based customers, and 180 Euro for those located elsewhere.

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