Yandex.Master launched as a heavily monitored marketplace for domestic works

yandex-home-repairRussia’s leading internet company Yandex is now officially arranging plumber for your broken pipes (if you are living in Russia). The company has launched Yandex.Master, a platform where users can find subcontractors for the works that need to be done around their homes, like cleaning, renovations, plumbing and other small handiworks.  The company says they will heavily monitor the services given.

Yandex users search 3.3 million times a month for domestic services. Yandex. Master is a wise effort to convert these searches into a concrete transactions without letting the user hop to another web page for further action. The service is available in Moscow and St. Petersburg and using it as a provider or a client will be free of charge until the end of this year. The commission rates to be applied by 2015 are not disclosed yet.

The company says there are already over 70 small businesses registered at the platform offering domestic specialist works. Once a user enters the work he/she needs to be done at home, along with the time and location. Yandex.Master transmits the request to its partners and locates those who are qualified and available.

“Finding a good subcontractor is difficult and finding one who is trustworthy is even more difficult,” said Alexander Korotaev, head of the project. “We have instituted a system of client reviews in order to lend a level of quality control to the service. Our partnerships with service providers are contract-based. We will monitor their work and the client reviews, and will take action on negative comments.”

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