Naytev enables content providers to boost online traffic with the right “share” message

naytev-laptopMarketing content is important for any content producer, but in the modern, ‘social’ age, your readers can often be one of your best assets when they pass along cool stories or interesting posts to their friends online. Y Combinator-backed Naytev, which launched earlier this year, aims to helps businesses maximize their online traffic by creating the ideal “share” message.

Essentially, Naytev provides a dashboard that enables businesses to track the performances of the posts that you make to social media. Businesses can run experiments with the posts that they make to see which ones perform best and then edit as needed.

Naytev offers a free option with self-guided support, basic analytics, and unlimited experiments for those who require litte assistance, but the service can get pricey for the full-featured version at $249 per month. If even that level is unsatisfactory for a company’s needs, they offer custom quotes.

Naytev launched back in April 2014, but CEO and co-founder Zack Liscio (a former Googler) says that the company never did an official launch. They just launched and waited for users to come in. To date, the company says that they serve several hundred sites, but with a focus on enterprise clients, their customers claim more than 300 million pageviews.

Liscio says that the company is not announcing their funding totals at the moment, but they participated in the Y Combinator program, which offers startups $120K, earlier this year.

Going forward, Liscio says that the company is looking to integrate their platform with every major social network and are planning to add Pinterest and LinkedIn within the next few months.

The entrepreneurship bug is nothing new to Liscio and co-founder Patrick Costello, who created Naytev with Edward Ridgely and Michael Seid, as they launched Changecause nearly 2 years ago. That business focused on helping brands with “social fundraising”, but the company folded at the beginning of this year and has relaunched as Naytev.

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