Ukrainian grocery-delivery service picks up $2.5M from Chernovetsky Investment Group

zakaz-ukraineForbes Ukraine reports that Ukrainian grocery-delivery service has picked up $2.5 million in funding from Chernovetsky Investment Group, an investment firm created by Leonid Chernovetsky, former mayor Kiev and founder of Pravex Bank.

The firm was created back in 2012 and reportedly has $750 million in capital, but this is their first public deal. Although Zakaz has concentrated on the Ukrainian market to date, they have broader ambitions. With this latest backing, the company is planning expansion to Brazil, China, and southeast Asia. 

Zakaz operates by carrying out orders for groceries from a handful of supermarkets in Kiev. The service functions by allowing users to select a store and product and to then indicate whether you want the delivery carried out immediately, at a scheduled time, or whether you would like your items left for you to pick up at the store. It is a same-day delivery service and clients end up paying the same that they would at the actual store.

It is interesting to note that Zakaz has not even begun a significant roll-out within Ukraine, allowing users to send groceries to homes or offices within the capital city or Borispil airport, and they are already planning a global expansion.

Yegor Anchishkin, CEO and founder of Zakaz, also co-founded Viewdle, a visual-recognition firm which was acquired by Google for at least $30 million back in 2012.


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