StoryMe helps explain your business in minute-long bites

storyme-screenThe startup world may be as exciting and full of fresh ideas as ever, but many people do not have time or patience to study every service and find something that appeals to you. Video is one way to cut straight to the point, but many teams lack the expertise to put together a polished film that will draw in users or customers. StoryMe, based out of Belgium, thinks that they can help by offering snappy videos to explain your service to those you are targeting.

Many advertising agencies can whip up professional videos to promote your business, but for StoryMe, brevity is key. Regardless of the features or options the client selects, they receive a (roughly) minute-long video that explains the basic concept behind your business, a particular app, and more.

Prices range from 2,500 to 10,000 Euro, depending on the package that companies select, so the service is perhaps more useful for better-funded companies. StoryMe offers stock music and graphics at the low end of the price scale, but you will need to shell out for more-personalized features.

StoryMe has been around for a little while, having been launched in May 2013 by Lorenzo Bown. Though based out of Belgium, the company also operates an office in the UK. I am told that they have picked up 250 clients to this point.

The company does not talk about their funding or their backers, but would tell me that they have obtained investment from well-known Belgian marketing agencies.

Within this market, one of the main competitors is probably Epipheo, which has been based out of Ohio (USA) since 2009. The small, unknown firm managed to grab the attention of Google when they created a short “explainer” video for the now defunct Google Wave service and it led to a number of major clients.

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