Myscore takes off as indicator of influence on Facebook

MyScore-publicfastDespite the gigantic user base, Facebook often remains difficult to unlock the potential of businesses and convert them into customers. Ukraine-based Publicfast, which connects brands and leading social-media “influencers”, believes that they have a solution with their platform Myscore, a service for measuring your Facebook influence. It is a simple service, but one which may prove valuable to companies finding popular users on Facebook to act as paid spokespeople.

Finding your score is extremely simple, as it took me only a couple clicks and a few seconds to learn my Facebook rating. Once you have received your score, users can then check out other relevant stats, such as the number of “likes” you have received, who has most frequently commented on and “liked” your posts, the most popular posts from your friends, and more. Myscore has taken off in popularity since it launched in April and claims 100K registrations. The company reports that 38K checked their influence-level in the first 2 weeks that it was live.

Within this market, there are already a few significant competitors in Klout (which was recently acquired by Lithium Technologies), Kred, and PeerIndex. Each of those provide more integration than Myscore, but the latter launched only 5 months ago and may eventually offer additional features. Both Klout and Kred offer perks for “influencing” others, but Kred has expanded their platform and provides its users with a feed listing all of their social-network posts and insight as to how they are performing. PeerIndex, based out of London, is more focused on helping businesses understand their customers.

Publicfast claims $300K in backing from Imperious Group, which it picked up back in December 2013.

Although the service solely allows you to measure your influence on Facebook, users will soon be able to do the same on Vkontakte, a popular social-network in Russia and neighboring countries. The company says that they currently partner with Vkontakte, which claims hundreds of millions of users to date.

Unsurprisingly, Myscore is currently focused on Ukraine, but they are planning to target unsaturated markets going forward. Myscore is also planning to launch a new version of the platform within the month, which will expand on the current service. Checking your score is nice, but it is difficult to keep users engaged. The launch of the upcoming platform will include perks for top influencers and offer the ability to create and share content, which it hopes will retain user attention.

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