Instabridge opens the map of free WiFi up to its users

instabridge-mobileWiFi is an indispensable feature of life for many but can often be difficult to find quality access when you are on the go and you may need to burn through your data on your smartphone. Swedish-founded Instabridge, which launched in 2012, has emerged as a popular choice for those looking to avoid wireless data charges of their operators.

It is designed to help users to locate free public WiFi, but also allows them to access private networks from businesses that opt to share and from their friends. Rather than constantly telling your friends your WiFi password whenever they come over to the house, you are able to seamlessly share the connection with any other approved users who have installed their mobile app.

CEO Nikas Agevik, who co-founded the business with Navid Rostam and Erik Tigerholm, tells me that they founded the business because WiFi access has significantly increased, but unnecessary barriers often remained. With such a significant amount of free WiFi available in many major cities, they wanted to offer an easier way to avoid needless charges.

According to the Instabridge website, the company is “backed by some of Europe’s leading investors,” but they are reluctant to say how much financial backing the company has or who has provided it.

Likewise, they have declined to offer the total number of users that they have, but Agevik did note that their app in the Google Play store has been downloaded roughly 500K times. The service is also available for Mac and Windows.

The service is completely free at the moment, but Agevik says that they are considering introducing premium features in the future.

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