Fleep takes aim at email in effort to become leading choice for intra-office comms

fleep-ends-betaFor years, email has worked relatively well as one of the preferred tools for intra-office communications. As a basic tool, it gets the job done. But, the team behind cloud-based messaging service Fleep argues that it has developed a platform it hopes will replace annoying email threads as the leading option for engaging your colleagues.

Fleep is a pretty basic messaging service that allows users to engage in group chats, share files, search and pin content, etc. But one of the nicer features is that you do not even need to us the service in order to participate in conversations. In order to include a non-user in group discussions, users simply need to write the target’s email address and they will begin to receive chats as email threads until they sign up.

One of the most attractive aspects about the new service is that it is free at the most basic level and then 3 Euro per month after that (or offered at a custom price for larger users).

Fleep was developed by a team comprised mainly of ex-Skypers, so it is perhaps not surprising that they have developed a popular messaging service. Although the service only officially launched on August 27th after a year in beta, they have picked up more than 16,500 users. Like Skype, Fleep got its start out of Estonia, where the 13-person currently works in their Tallinn and Tartu offices.

To support the business, CEO and co-founder Henn Ruukel tells me that they have opted for funding from angel investors. The backing that they have obtained thus far from angels like Jean Tallinn and others totals 640K Euro.

Fleep is not the only company to try to shake up workplace communications, as HipChat, which launched in 2010 and was acquired by San Francisco-based Atlassian, and Slack, which was created by the founders of Flickr. HipChat is the more established name and actually offers both text and video-based chat services, while Slack only launched last August.

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