Reputami tracks restaurant reviews and helps businesses track their popularity online

reputami-logoReputation is critical for many restaurants. No matter how hard you work and try to serve customers, all it can take is a few negative reviews online for a small shop and restaurant lose out on potential business. German startup Reputami, which launched last October, offers restaurants a tool that will allow them to avoid these disasters by tracking reviews and offering data on your business’ reputation over time. 

The overall aspect of the service, which allows businesses to track their reviews in various categories or over time, will not generate much controversy. But what might is their “digital guest” platform, which enables restaurants and other businesses to learn more about their customers through social media. Reputami combs through services like Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Foursquare,, and more to rate potential customers by their “level of influence” and offer them a score based on this data. Restaurants can enter reservation lists to see future customers or see what particular users have said about your business.

The service is not terribly expensive to access, available at the basic level for 15 Euro per month and then increasing to at least 20 Euro per month at the next level.

Reputami does not wish to disclose the number of customers that they currently have, but managing director Oliver Twardowski says that they currently work with “several thousand” hotels and restaurants.

Back in 2012, Reputami closed a seed round with hub:raum, the incubator managed by Deutsche Telekom. Twardowski says that their investors are T-Venture (the investment wing of Deutsche Telekom) and STS Ventures, but declined to go into detail regarding financial figures.

Competitors in this market include TrustYou, Revinate, ReviewPro, which largely focus on hotels and primarily stick to the overall analytics aspect of “reputation management.”

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