LIX prepares to launch smaller, lighter alternative to current 3D pens on the market

LIXpenOne of the most exciting technological advances in recent years, with little question, has been the development of 3-D printing. However, one of the main issues, as with most cutting-edge technology, is that the earliest versions are too expensive for most people to justify buying. 3D printers can be purchased, but not cheaply and you will need to maintain it. The creation of the “3D pen” represents a possible game-changer as it provides the average consumer with a tool that will allow them to get in on the trend without having to break the bank.

The LIX pen, which is being marketed as the smallest 3D pen out there, allows users to plug into their laptop (through the USB port) and begin creating various pieces of art. At 16.5cm long and 1.4 in circumference (at its thickest), it is not significantly larger than your average pen and provides a pen that you could reasonably carry around in your pocket.

3D pens cannot quite replicate the possibilities of the 3-D printer, but it can be a neat tool for unleashing your creativity and creating more interesting pieces of art. At $140, it is not cheap, but far less than what would need to pay to buy a 3D printer from MakerBot. The 3Doodler is cheaper, at $99, but also considerably bulkier and may not be as comfortable to use.

Co-founder Ismail Baran tells me that they do not have external funding. However, they greatly exceeded their goal on Kickstarter, raising 730K Pounds from just over 8K backers after shooting for only 30K in funding.

Those interested in picking one up will not have to wait long, as the company says that they will begin shipping either this month or in October. At the moment, there is a button on their website indicating that you will be able to pre-order the pen “soon”.

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