iskn provides fresh take on tablet-based graphic design

iskn-sketch-screenFor many professionals, the iPad holds seemingly limitless possibilities as a work tool and it is no different for graphic designers and artists. Paris-based iskn, which launched last year, has taken to Kickstarter to fund an iPad cover and pen that overs a unique spin on the tablet-based graphic design. It has proven to be a popular concept, too, as the company currently claims 4K users and they raised almost 10 times their original goal of $35K, taking home $346K from 2,395 backers.

The iSketchNote is an iPad cover that allows users to create designs and have them appear on the tablet in real-time. The cover, which opens like a book, contains a spot on the left side for your iPad and then a sensor-based “slate” on the right.

One of the cooler aspects of this product is that users can take one of the special pens (just a normal ballpoint pen, but with a permanent embedded ring magnet) and a piece of paper and start sketching things out on top of the slate. The designs that the user makes are immediately visible within the iSketchNote app on the iPad and can then be shared or saved. The iSketchNote pen works with iOS, OSX, and Windows, but they are planning to add functionality for Android. At the moment, the company is offering the slate, universal iPad case, and 3 pens for $179, with shipments expected to go out in October.

There are already stylus available for Apple and Samsung has found success with their “Note” line of tablets and phablets, but this is a different story. One of the advantages here is that, unlike traditional stylus that require you to draw directly on the screen of the device, the pen available through iSketchNote lets users simultaneously create hard and virtual copies of whatever they decide to create.

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  1. Roure |

    Thanks for this spot 🙂
    For your information you can already pre-order your iSketchnote pack for $179 on
    The iSketchnote pack includes : the Slate, three pen (3 differents colors), an universal iPad cover, the iSketchnote App.
    Enjoy ! 🙂


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