Duckie Deck looks to make learning fun with apps targeted towards young children

duckie-deck-logoOne of the greatest challenges during the earliest child-rearing years comes from finding constant sources of entertainment for your child. In the past, you could just send them to play outside or buy them toys, but the current technological era offers new opportunities to play with your kids and a number of companies are looking to take tablets into a device for learning.

One such company is Duckie Deck, which emerged in 2012 as an app-developer from Poland specializing in games for small children.

Marek Przystas and Mateusz Stec launched Duckie Deck a couple of years ago, but a representative from the company tells me that most of their team members came from Ciufcia, a Polish child-oriented game development company that sprung up in 2007 and continues to do well in Poland today. They created the business to develop educational games, but later decided the market was ripe for mobile apps directed towards small children and shifted their focus a bit.

Duckie Deck does not wish to reveal their total number of users, but their 5 free apps in the Chrome store have been collectively installed nearly 80K times. Those apps are free, but those who access the service on iOS, Android, or Windows typically end up paying between $0.99 and $2.99 per app.

For any startup, home may be one of the places that you would logically try first to find funding and the Krakow-based Duckie Deck has indeed obtained 450K Euro in funding from Krakow-based Satus Venture.

Going forward, the company says that they are concentrating on building their app portfolio. They already offer apps in the App Store, Google Play store, and Windows Phone store, but a representative tells me that they are considering expanding offline and create physical products. There are currently no further details on when or if they will end up making this move.

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