MailMag presents fresh, magazine-style take on e-mail

mailmag-gorselAnyone who has sent an email over the years can tell you that the basic formats of various services has not changed a whole lot in a while. Different services have upgraded their offerings and added features, but experienced internet users can use a new service with little difficulty. MailMag, a Turkish-founded player which just launched earlier this month, wants to do away with the boring email services and offers a new, magazine-style client that represents an update on the interfaces that we have become accustomed to over the years.

The basic features of MailMag will be pretty familiar to most people, but it comes in a more complete manner. That is to say that they offer a typical email section, but allow users to create their “magazine” and to swipe to access contacts.

If you have ever used a service like Flipboard, you will be familiar with the magazine layout, which you can customize with different colors and content categories. One of the nicer aspects of the service is that it also allows users to aggregate their existing email clients. So, if you already use Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, or another service, you can just enter in your details and have a combined email mag. It allows users to access these accounts with a unified password, but assures users that they do not save them.

Even though it just launched on August 7th, MailMag has already picked up 15K users and had their just-released iOS app highlighted in the “Featured Best App” list of 10 different countries.

Like most email clients, MailMag is free to use. CEO Kivanc Acikgoz, who co-founded the service with Dogan Akti and Caglar Cokcetin says that they have a monetization model, but cannot reveal details at the current time.

He says that they are backed up by $580K in seed funding from Turkish VC Aslanoba Capital.

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