ViewFlux gains traction as collaboration service for web designers

viewflux-coverAs a web designer, you can produce the most perfect, feature-rich design but it would be for naught if the customer does not approve. For the guys at Romanian digital agency 5Tailors, finding a tool that would allow them to collaborate directly with clients and obtain real-time feedback proved difficult, so they made the logical move and decided to create their own. Jan Lukacs, who co-founded the business with Andrei Gadoiu and Alex Drimbe, says that the service, which has since become known as ViewFlux, began as an internal tool for their design studio but they later decided that it could have value as a separate service.

Having an established firm is one of the reasons that they have been able to develop ViewFlux without having to seek external investment. Despite no external funding, the service has proven popular since it launched last October, attracted 6K users.

ViewFlux is designed to be a service that allows designers to work on multiple projects at one, communicate in real-time with clients, and track past changes to manage their changes. So long as the service remains in beta, it is completely free. However, they intend to start charging $9 per month (the “Freelancer” package, which is 1 user/3 projects), rising to $29 monthly (5 users/15 projects) for businesses, and $59 monthly agency (15 users/unlimited projects at the upper level.

Competitors in this market include established players like Invision and Notable. Of the 3 services, Notable is the most expensive to use, as it will set you back at least $19 per month. Invision is well established, with more than 300K users, but ViewFlux has developed a solid userbase in less than a year (while remaining in beta, no less).

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