UsabilityTools positions itself as comprehensive service for UX testing

usabilitytools-coverThe impulse to start your own business does not always come to people at the same point in life. Some people are long interested in going to business for themselves, while others come to the decision suddenly, perhaps due to a bad experience at their current job or another event. Prior to founding UsabilityTools, Bartosz Mozyrko worked as a UX developer, but found that it was not always smooth sailing. Working on one major project, in particular, he found that he simply could not deal with the large number of subscriptions and various online tools needed to complete the task, so he finished the project and went about building his own, more comprehensive tool.

UsabilityTools offers a number of features that can be basically divided into 2 categories: UX testing and the conversion suite. In the conversion suite section, users have access to features like click tracking, a feedback form, visitor recording, and form tester. On the UX testing side, users can find features like web testing, card testing, and surveys.

Since it launched in December 2012, the service has attracted 4K customers, including some notable brands like T-Mobile, Fandango, Symantec, Thomson Reuters, and Orange.

UsabilityTools has a number of competitors, but usually in only one particular area. For instance, they are up against Crazy Egg in offering heat maps, Inspeclet in visitor-recording, Usabilla in feedback forms, Optimal Workshop in click testing, and Loop11 in web testing.

In April 2013, the company obtained $250K from Polish investors Satus Ventures and Xevin Investments and claims a total of $300K in investment at the moment.
Mobile is the future of technology and company CMO Julia Rozwens tells me that that area represents their next stage of development. They are also planning to launch UserMetrics, which will tell clients how customers interact with their sites and where they convert.

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