introduces futuristic AI-based audio streams to spice up your mornings

capsulefmWithout fail, one of the first things that I do every morning, like many others, when I wake up is checking my phone. It not only serves as an essential tool for accessing information in the morning, but also as an alarm., a Berlin-based startup which launched earlier this year, wants to replace these traditional methods of waking up by offering a cool, futuristic app that allows people to wake up to all the information that they will need for the day.

Early Edition, which costs $1.99 in the App Store, lets users create custom audio streams that offer weather, news headlines, music, and other audio. Right now, users can choose the male voice (“Carl”) or female (“Miranda”) to deliver information on topics like technology, news, science, trivia, and more. You can also hook up your iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify Premium accounts or other WiMP playlists to access your favorite songs while on the go.

Capsule CEO Espen Systad says that he and co-founders Tor Langballe and Danielle Reid decided to create the business because they believe that the future of accessing information is not only through text, but also through audio.

Systad and Langballe are Norwegian, so it is not surprising that they selected Norway as their pilot market. The Early Edition launched in Norway back in January and then went global in March. You can only set your streams in English or Norwegian at the moment, but Systad that they are working to include more language. The currently only works on iPhones with at least iOS7 installed, but there is an Android app in the works.

They do not reveal the number of total users that they have, but Systad would say that they have reached top of the paid-app charts in in the “News and Entertainment” category in 19 countries, including markets such as the United States, Germany, and Japan.

Systad says that the founders have funded this startup with profits from some of their other projects, but Startupbootcamp controls a minor stake in the company as a result of the team’s participation in that program.

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