Hintarea moves to become cheaper alternative to app-oriented tutorial services

hintarea-logoWith most apps and websites, anyone who visits the site can come right in and find their way around. Sometimes, though, it can be useful to have a guide through various services. There are already companies that offer this service, such as WalkMe and Iridize that focus on enterprise-edition B2B solutions, but they can be pricey. Hintarea, out of Ukraine, aims to position itself as a cheaper, more simple alternative for SMEs.

got its start as an internal service 2 years ago at the Ukrainian company Rezonans, but was later developed as its own company. Oleg Goncharenko from Hintarea says that they used their tool on two of their own sites, Nyam.ru and Legalans, and achieved an increase of nearly 50% in user engagement on each. Obtaining feedback from some users and analyzing the success of their product with their engineers, they decided to offer it to others.

Rodion Salnik, the founder, led the team as they developed an initial product. They launched in August 2013 in beta and then officially launched in October 2013. They were not satisfied with the direction, though, and shifted their focus from the e-commerce market towards B2B, such as web applications and cloud solutions in business. In May, they completed their pivot.

The service is free for customers with minor needs (up to 7 hints and/or 15K requests), but costs $100 per month at the next tier and more (custom price) if users want more features. At the premium levels, people can receive consultations, access more languages, statistics, and more.

At this point, Hintarea claims 280 users and says that 11 customers have signed up for the premium service within the past few months. One of their clients is Russian startup Witget.com, which we previously covered a few weeks ago. The company was supported by Ukrainian incubator Eastlabs, which owns 3% of Hintarea, but Goncharenko says that their backer has ceased operations in Ukraine and the company’s participation in the program ended.

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