Futurelytics looks to make it easier for SME to access analytics

futurelyticsAnalytics has become the name of the game for many businesses as they look to the internet and technology to gain an advantage. However, these kinds of services are not always accessible to smaller businesses and Czech-founded Futurelytics looks to make it easier to access this type of analytics.

The platform works by drawing data from multiple sources and then provides a score for each of your customers. The idea is that online-marketing services allow you to send out email blasts and target customers, but not all customers have the same profile or act in the same manner. The cloud-based service allows businesses to use pre-defined or custom customer-segments when running marketing campaigns, create scheduled campaigns, conduct A/B testing, and more.

David Booth, who works as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, says that the founders decided to create the business after doing consulting work. They feel that e-commerce is a booming market and are looking to aid SMEs in growing. Booth tells me that they have 40 clients at this point, but the service only exited beta this month.

They originally obtained $65K in a seed round from Seedcamp 2 years ago and then they went and landed $800K from Kima Ventures, Prague-based Credo Ventures, and a handful of private investors last November.

Some competitors in this market include SumAll, which offers data for marketers, bloggers, bitcoin miners, or small businesses for free (or you can upgrade to the premium version for $9 per month) and claims 220K users. Another player in this market is the Massachusetts-based InsightSquared, which focuses on visualization with dashboards.

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