BatCrab offers a platform for setting up and managing your company’s phone system right from your mobile

batcrab-symbolSetting up a call-management system to direct calls to different departments can be tedious and annoying. Lithuanian BatCrab is looking to simplify the process by converting your phone into multi-functional tool for managing tools. And perhaps the coolest part of the product is that they operate in 60 countries, so you can set your company’s phone number (or numbers) from number of locations.

Edvinas Mancas, who co-founded the company with Gediminas Jocys, says that they are both telecom professionals who started development of their product back in 2012 and then quit their jobs to work on it full-time in June 2013. He says that they came up with the idea after examining the market and determining that mid-size companies lack options when it comes to managing their phone calls.

BatCrab officially launched just a few weeks ago in July, but they have attracted 500 clients and Mancas says that they are picking up roughly 5-10 new accounts per week.

As part of the service, users can set up extensions, a voice greeting, on-hold music, fax and voicemail-management functions, and more. In addition to setting up the phone service, BatCrab offers access to real-time stats to provide insights into who is calling.

The company currently bootstrapping, but they have positive cash flows at this point. The revenue that they are currently bringing in comes from subscriptions, which they offer at $9 per month, depending on the country in which the users is located. Mancas says that they are looking to expand their geographic reach when they obtain funding.

Mancas says that they consider local phone telecoms to be their primary competitors, but argues that they are offering a cheaper service with a variety of features and no long-term commitment.

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