Soundest gains traction as email-marketing tool for e-commerce firms

Soundest-logoAs annoying as spam may be to many online users, email marketing campaigns remain an effective tool for drawing in customers to e-commerce. For Rytis Lauris and Zygimantas Stauga founders of  Soundest, the issue was that, while there are plenty of generic services for managing email-marketing campaigns, they felt that the market lacked a tool geared specifically toward e-commerce firms.

Lauris is no stranger to entrepreneurship, having already founded or co-founded IQ Polls, Treenex, and the Soundest digital marketing agency, but now he has teamed up with developer Stauga to offer a platform for online advertisers.

Soundest offers all the primary features for free, and premium functions start at $5 per month. Free features include the ability to create newsletters, customizable templates, delivery reports, customer segmentation, and the ability to send up to 100K emails per month. But, users will need to upgrade to the premium service to access features like remailing, subscription forms, cart recovery, and others. Soundest users offers a platform for tracking the success of your campaigns, in addition to allowing them to run the actual campaigns.

There are already a host of email-marketing firms out there and services like MailChimp and Constant Contact cater specifically to e-commerce firms. MailChimp is easily the most popular, claiming more than 6 million users, but Constant Contact was founded back in 1998 and claims several hundred thousand customers.

Although it is late to the game, Soundest can claim an advantage over the other two in terms of price. Constant Contact is the most expensive service, charging $20 per at the month at the most basic level. MailChimp is free at the most basic level, but starts at $10 per month when upgrading to premium. Soundest therefore offers the cheapest premium version at $5 monthly.

The team at Soundest is currently bootstrapping and it appears to be a wise choice, as they have attracted 2,300 clients from 81 countries in the 6 months since the service exited private beta without needing to turn to outside investors. The company says that 40% of their customers thus far come from North America. Lauris says that they are planning to soon roll out a partnership program for e-commerce developers and creative agencies. He says that their “Cart Recovery” feature will exit the beta-testing stage in the near future.

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