Zine sets out as an East European alternative to Twitter

zine-ukraineAs the political situation has turned to chaos in Ukraine, it has disrupted commerce and made life difficult for many in the country. However, recent events have also encouraged a wave of innovation and inspired Ukrainians to create products. We previously covered Ukrainian-oriented Facebook competitor WeUa and now we have a company aiming to become a Ukrainian alternative Twitter.

Created by Vitalii Serdiuk, Zine allows users to share quotes or general thoughts. Signing up for the service, users will find a number of features familiar to anyone who has used Twitter.

Once signed-in users will find sections for mentions, messages, favorites, notifications, comments, “requotes”, and others. Unlike Twitter, which typically just suggests users for you to follow, this service offers a list of all other users (and how many followers they have and quotes they have shared).

Even though users can search out others on the service, it is not completely open, as you can protect your profile and make your quotes private.

Zine only launched in mid-July, so it has not yet achieved significant traction. Serdiuk says that they are not looking to quickly build a userbase, but to concentrate on adding functions such as apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

It is free to use, but Serdiuk says that they are planning to generate revenue through ads and by selling stickers. One of their partners is SocialFace, a newly-launched and Ukrainian-founded competitor to Facebook. It will interesting to see how Zine matches up against the popular Facebook, but patriotism is running high in Ukraine and people may be attracted to a Ukrainian-founded alternative.

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