Rotten Wifi ensures you’re getting the best local wireless connection

Rotten-Wifi-logoPeople are attached to their phones and demand a reliable internet connection. Perform a speed test, but it will not tell you where to find a reliable connection. Last week, we reported that the popular network-map platform OpenSignal raised $4 million to expand their crowdsourced service and help you better. Now there is a newer competitor on the market. Lithuanian-founded Rotten Wifi, which launched this year, allows users to perform speed tests and then rate them for other users to see.

Arturas Jonkas, who co-founded the service with Paulius Lazauskas, says that the idea came about after they attended WebSummit last year in Dublin and discovered that participants were offered poor WiFi. Since then, they released an iOS app in April and then an Android app and web-based service in July.

The guys behind Rotten Wife also offer the Hotel WiFi Speed Test, which allows users to search major cities and see the number of hotels offering connections at particular speeds. Users can search by hotel and see the percentage chance that they will receive the listed speed.

OpenSignal allows users to search 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks and view rankings of local carriers. Rotten Wifi also allows users to determine the strength of local networks, but offers more advanced filters. Users can search by free, paid, and private networks, search with custom filters, and save maps of networks offline before you head out on trips. Jonkas says that Rotten Wifi also differs from by offering the Net Promoter Score for client satisfaction.

The project is funded thus far by the co-founders. Jonkas tells me that they are a B2B and have “strong monetization channels”. Thus far, users have conducted more than 160K speed tests for 161 countries.

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