MaxTraffic may help you to retain your uninterested visitors

maxtrafficRegardless of what you sell online, some will come, find that they are not interested, and leave your site. Latvian-founded MaxTraffic, which launched in January, aims to help you, the e-commerce firm, to keep that disappearing visitor and increase sales.

MaxTraffic offers a service that enables e-commerce sites track the behavior of visitors. You can display offers as they are about to click to close the page or go back (after coming to the page via search engine), display offers to visitors who have lingered on the page for a certain period of time, determine the number of pages that a visitor has seen, and more.

CEO and co-founder Kristaps Mors says that he began building an advertising platform for games called in 2012 and expanded it to include more than 200 publisher sites, ultimately drawing 3-4 million unique visitors per month. However, due to the amount of competition in that particular market, he says that they decided that it would be difficult to expand further, so they concluded that they should draw upon their experience with creating ad networks to help e-commerce sites to engage visitors and increase their profits.

GetGamers participated in the acceleration program at StartupSauna in 2012 and went on to become profitable the following year. Then, in September 2013, they began to develop MaxTraffic.

Mors says that they have 50 customers thus far. As Mors founded both services, MaxTraffic draws some of its funding from profits produced by GetGamers and the rest from a 50K Euro soft loan that they received Imprimatur Capital. Mors tells me that the founders are therefore able to retain full control of the company.

Competitors include New York-based Bounce Exchange, Canadian Granify, and London-based Yieldify. The differences are mainly in terms of pricing. MaxTraffic follows a subscription-based model, offering packages from 59 to 599 Euro per month, depending on your requirements.

Bounce Exchange also offers subscriptions, but their highest-level package can cost customers up to $5,995 per month. Granify takes a different approach, taking a commission based on the success of customers. As far as I can tell, Yieldify does not publish information about their pricing model.

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  1. Jonathan Kottis |

    I dont get the idea. Isnt it cheaper just to write your own code?

    • Erika Zogla |

      Hi Jonathan,

      MaxTraffic is a full package service that handles everything from campaign ideas to banner design and conversion analytics. Also there are many ways in which MaxTraffic targets online visitors. Perhaps the live demo will help you to better grasp the idea:

      Kind regards


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