Fanpoint helps marketers generate lead with specialized social-media apps

fanpoint-logoSome services have sprung up in recent years, such as US-based startups Woobox, AgoraPulse, and OfferPop, to offer marketers dedicated apps for engaging customers. However, there is also a success story in every market from eastern Europe, and in this case it hails from Poznan, Poland. Fanpoint has become one of the more successful startups out of Poland since it launched in 2011, reaching milestones such as a million generated leads and claiming 12K administrators as customers.

The service offers marketers and other customers apps that they want to use to reach out to their own customers. They focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, offering apps for coupons, quizzes, polls, and other functions. Prices vary by the type of app requested, as customers can range from 10 to 35 Euro per month. You can also go for packages of apps starting at 49 Euro per month for Instagram and Twitter and upwards. The most expensive package will set you back 119 Euro per month.

CEO and co-founded Szymon Kowalski tells me that they created the service because they previously functioned as a general app-developer and discovered that marketers were seeking templates for increasing their social-media engagement and generating new leads. Kowalski says that they then decided to pivot in this direction.

Fanpoint has 130K Euro in backing from SpeedUp Group and Kowalski says that they are the sole investors. Kowalski tells me that they are just looking to continue developing the product going forward. He says that they are planning to introduce undisclosed new features in the near future and that they are aiming to offer marketers a central hub for interacting with customers and accessing data on the leads that they generate.


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