The EU’s app economy to grow 12% in 2014

EU-app-economy-coverThe app economy created in the European Union is expected to grow by 12% in 2014, while the global growth will exceed 27%. The share of the EU’s app revenues in global app economy is also dropping, from 24% in 2012 to 19% this year, according to the recent report on app revenues by Vision Mobile.

Although the global share of the EU is diminishing, it’s mainly due to higher growth rates in Asian mobile markets. Otherwise, the contribution of app economy to the EU’s GDP is rising significantly, expected to increase from €13 billion in 2012 to €16.5 billion this year.

Vision Mobile predicts that the number of jobs that are directly related to the app economy will be around 670,000 in 2014. The figures was 530,000 in 2013.

The report says that the total of app jobs, direct and indirect combined, will surpass 1 million in 2014, with almost half, or 497,000, attributable to iOS.



Charts: Vision Mobile

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