Draugiem’s 1WORK wants to become your new office manager

1work-logoWithin the past 10 years, Draugiem Group has established itself as one of the innovation leaders in Latvia. These guys are responsible for the Draugiem social network, which is even more popular in Latvia than Facebook and claims 1.2 million users, and a host of other projects. Now they are looking to take over the office area with 1WORK, a dashboard for managing your work operations.

Draugiem already operates Welco, an iPad-based app that functions as a “smart receptionist”, but they are looking to integrate that into 1work eventually. The service has been in beta since early April, but they have managed to partner with 142 offices thus far. At the moment, they are aiming for a September launch.

To start, the plan is to simply get the project off the ground. They are currently offering featuring such as a service for managing meetings, displaying information about the conditions in the room, accessing the contact information of your co-workers, and more. Eventually, they are planning to roll out features like temperature and motion sensors, an e-secretary, and various widgets. They have already launched an Android app, but the iOS version remains under development.

It is free for the moment, but they are planning to roll out a subscription-based pricing model. Prices are based on the number of users, with plans starting at $14/month for 10+ users and rising to $41/month for more than 100 users. The service will remain free for businesses with 9 or fewer people.

A representative from Draugiem says that they develop most of their projects based on the team’s own needs. All projects are funded by profits from services that have proven successful. In essence, the firm acts as its own ecosystem and is therefore able to retain control over the management of the projects that they produce.

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