Artips aims to encourage love for art history with free digital bulletins full of anecdotes

artips-screenWhen I visit museums, I am often left with a sense of wonder and find myself wishing that I devoted more time to study the history of the artists and masterpieces on display, but find that I just do not have the time to do so.

French startup Artips argues that it should not take a huge amount of time to become enlightened and learn about the history of some of the world’s most important pieces of art. So they draw upon the expertise of dozens of editors to publish three times a week a free magazine with daily anecdotes about the works.

The service may be free to users, but Artips has monetized it by creating partnerships with European museums, cities, and regions to highlight their cultural heritage and to promote artistic initiatives. They also partner with corporations to enlighten their employees through daily art anecdotes.

For those who missed the weekly updates from the last year, the company also sells a book containing their 20 favorite anecdotes from 2013 for 18 Euro.

Artips competed the most recent program at French accelerator NUMA, one of the most well-known startup hubs in Paris. The company does not reveal their funding, but will say that they have 44K daily readers at this point. It is exclusively available in French, but a representative from the company says that they are planning to launch English and Spanish-language versions in October.

Polish DailyArt represents one of the main competitors in this market. That service, which sprung up in 2012, offers users daily insights into pieces of art through their Android and iOS apps.

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