Ukrainian Latio helps to build iBeacon trend with specialized mobile apps

latio-logoAs smartphones become increasingly ubiquitous, one of the newest trends appears to be the introduction of “beacons” capable of allowing stores interact with nearby -potential- customers via sensors within the beacon that detect compatible apps or phones in the vicinity and then make the connection.

Ukraine-based Latio looks to get in on the beacon trend early by developing specialized apps that clients can use to offer various services to those who visit their brick-and-mortar stores.

Latio remains in beta, but they claim partnerships with 30 restaurants thus far. Essentially, they write the code for notifications, screens, webpages, and custom UI elements so that their clients do not need to hire someone for the task. The service is subscription based and, depending on the features required, can run customers up to $100 per month.

Eastlabs, the Kiev-based incubator, have begun to actively invest in the local ecosystem and this startup is another from their portfolio. Latio CEO and co-founder Artur Kiulian tells me that Eastlabs backed the company earlier this year with $10K in exchange for 7.5% equity.

Kiulian says the team behind the company, which includes co-founders Ivan Murzak and Denys Budelkov, was working in various outsourcing jobs, but they have always had an interest in data connectivity and decided that now is the time to get in early in the iBeacon movement.

Within the iBeacon market, Kiulian says that they are building upon the hardware products available, such as those created by Estimote,, and others.

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