Hardware startup LeeLuu fights the fear of the dark with interactive nightlights

leeluu-founderIt may seem silly to adults, but for many children, the night can be full of monsters and they need to come up with something to put their minds at ease in the dark. Finnish startup LeeLuu wants to help children deal with their fear of the dark, by creating interactive nightlights.

In order to get an idea of what LeeLuu offers, it may be best to check out a photo from their Facebook page. Co-founder Lisa Gerkens tells that they are offering interactive, soft nightlights which react to touch and are capable of communicating with one another. The sensors allowing the lights to react are built right into its textile shell.

Gerkens says that the team behind LeeLuu came up with the concept during a during a course in industrial prototyping last year and decided that their creations would be a worthwhile business venture. Thus far, she says that they count as users the more than 100 kids who assisted them in designing the product.

LeeLuu received a bit of local hype recently when they won for “best pitch” at the TechCrunch event in Helsinki. The startup has not yet released their nightlights, but Gerkens tells me that they have obtained an undisclosed, but small, amount of funding from the Finatex incubator and Summer of Startups, a program organized by entrepreneurship society Aaltoes. When they do launch, they intend to sell the lights at 40 Euro each or as part of kits. For now, it remains a startup to keep an eye out for out of Finland.

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