Danceter is the events marketplace for professional dancers in CEE

danceter-logoProfessional dancing has been around for years, but in recent years has enjoyed new popularity thanks to TV shows where celebrities dance with professionals. Ukraine is no different, but locals might not realize that they do not need to wait for the latest dancing competition to watch or even take part themselves.

Danceter launched as a news and tournament-organizing platform the professional-dancing world. It was a project of passion, as the founders, CEO Sergey Grytsuyk (champion dancer) and CMO Evgeniy Ursalov created the business because they believe the market to be a lucrative one and there is room for a new player.

Earlier this year, they obtained an undisclosed amount of funding from Kiev-based incubator Eastlabs and are now expanding their service. Ursalov says that 1,415 professional dancers have thus far participated in tournaments organized through this service. Ursalov says that they are looking to eventually help dancers choose partners, trading dresses for competitions, offer photographers, and more.

The service is pretty straightforward, as tournaments are listed on the website and participants simply sign up through Facebook or the registration form. They offer packages ranging from $77 to $277, but those who need a personal manager for advertising their tournament might have to pay a bit extra.

There are a number of competing information portals, such as Tancmir, WDC, World Dance Sport, and TopTurnier that alert users to upcoming tournaments and offer results. However, only WDC and World Dance sport are available in English. Tancmir, whose website is available only in Russian, provides information about tournaments in the former USSR, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Spain, Israel, and the United Kingdom. TopTurnier, for its part, caters to German-speaking visitors.


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