Coub, the Russian answer to Vine, raises $2.5M in Series A

coub-logoRussian video service Coub announces that they have obtained $2.5 million in funding from Vaizra Investment Funds, a New York-based VC created by VK (formerly Vkontakte) co-founders Lev Leviev and Vyacheslav Mirilashvili.

The round, which follows a $1-million round that they raised from Brother Ventures and Phenomen Ventures last year, will enable the company to continue to develop their iOS app and to expand internationally. Since brothers Igor and Anton Gladborodokov and Mikhail Tabunov founded the company back in 2012, it has exploded in popularity, now claiming 50 million unique monthly users and 337 million monthly views.

Within the short-video market, Coub faces off primarily against Vine, with its 6-second looping videos, and Instagram, which allows its users to create 15-second clips. Coub allows its users to create 10-second looping clips, but where the service stands apart is in the flexibility that it offers. Users can create standard 10-second clips, but the difference that Coub claims is in allowing people to create hybrid videos, 360-degree views, motion pictures, and, probably the coolest, videos which play different musical tracks during each loop.

Anton Gladborodokov, the company’s CEO, tells me that he wanted to create a service which combined multiple platforms (video and audio) to create new forms of art and that it could have huge potential. Thus far, he has been proven correct in that believe, as they report an increase within the last month of 42 million unique users.

Coub is free to users, but Gladborodokov says that they are experimenting with ways to monetize the service in local markets. Specifically, they are working with movie studios to create movie trailers and it acts service allowing users to discover videos, music, games, and more.

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