Successful Kickstarter campaign nears conclusion for Latvian drone-maker AirDog

airdogWithin just 24 hours, one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns run by a Latvian startup. Combining two of the hottest new hardware devices of recent years, GoPro cameras and drones, AirDog aims to offer the first flying camera capable of automatically following the user around. The creators of the campaign aimed to raise $200K and have already topped $1.2 million from just over 1,200 backers with one day left.

As the name suggests, the AirDog essentially acts a “dog” that you can lead around with your “AirLeash” and take the shots that you can’t really capture while running with a GoPro. The AirLeash, which you strap onto your wrist or helmet, offers more flexibility than you might have from a simple mobile app.

They do offer apps for iOS and Android and users can take their smartphones and remotely control the device. Using the apps, users can access pre-arranged flight plans, track their laps, and share videos with their friends.

The drone, which weighs 1.4kg, can reach a top speed of 64kph, a height of 3000m (but up to 300m for the AirLeash), and can run for up to 10-20 minutes, depending on the wind speed. If you are planning on taking it out on a windy day, it can withstand winds of 14m/s.

The team behind AirDog say that they decided to embark on this project because drones are too often associated with war and they can have a more enjoyable function.
As noted, the company will now receive their funding and begin production. The first units are due to be shipped out to backers this November. It won’t be cheap, with an estimated retail price of $1,500, but early-bird backers can get their hands on the device for $995.

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