Topes acts as manager for corporate offices in the CEE

topes-solutionsThere is quite a bit of management required for any large business to ensure that the employees are satisfied and things run smoothly. Whether keeping the office clean, the employees fed, the office stocked with supplies, or other services, there is usually a host of contractors and different companies with whom you will be dealing. Earlier this year, we covered the startup uGift, co-founded by Andriy Zhivolovich. Now, however, Zhivolovich (along with Alexander Gudkov) is back with a new project called TOPES, which aims to streamline this system by creating one business to manage all of these different services.

Essentially, Top Enterprise Solutions (better known as “TOPES”) aims to establish itself as a contractor offering a wide range of services. Corporations and large businesses might already hire various companies to deal with tasks like catering, delivering water to the office, cleaning, delivery of office supplies.

They claim to offer more than 1,000 different services, so they do not lack for ambition. And, of course, one of the services offered is personalized giftcards (up to $8.60) from uGift). TOPES offer companies cheap, medium-priced, and expensive services and then takes a 15-30% commission on transactions. Clients are then presented with one bill covering all their expenses for various services and have access to their order history and bonuses (for repeat customers).

Thus far, they have partnered with some of the more notable Ukrainian startups in Advice Wallet, microstock platform Depositphotos, ticket-seller Ticket For Event, and others. Though they are currently operating in Ukraine, the founders have global ambition and are interested in possible expansion to countries like Poland, India, Brazil, and Turkey.

The startup, which launched earlier this year, has obtained $350K in backing from Imperious Group, which is a Russian fund that invests in tech projects in the CIS (former USSR). Within the past 4+ years, the fund says that they have invested in more than 20 projects.

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