Dating service ILookForYou aims to help serious women find serious relationships

ilookforyou-screenRegardless of where you live, your ethnicity, religious views, or other categories, there is likely a ‘matchmaking’ service for you. Turkey is no different in this regard, but the founders of ILookForYou nonetheless believe that there is room for a new, higher-class service geared towards women seeking serious relationships and it may well work anywhere in the world.

Lionel Farinha, whose wife Cecile founded the service, tells us that they began building the company over 2 years ago and now are working to establish themselves in the Turkish market first.

ILookForYou targets women between 25 and 45 who are divorced or never married and are seeking love. Users who sign-up will find similarities with other services, as you start by creating an account and then take a serious survey to determine your compatibility with potential partners. It is a membership-based service, but they allow users to sign up for free.

ILookForYou just launched in May, so they are still developing the platform. The self-funded service is currently web-exclusive, but they are launching apps for iPhone and iPad next week. They are also planning to expand into the rest of Europe, but there is no information on when or which countries they intend to target.

Dating services are nothing new, of course, and some of the main services already operating in the Turkish market are“Magnet”, which is a network of city-based sites and which claims millions of users, Pembe Panjur, and others.

Not many businesses will advertise charging more than their competitors, but this startup does just that. Lionel Farinha from ILookForYou says that they charge 4-5 more than other sites, which helps ‘to separate the wheat from the chaff’, so to speak, and limits their target audience to more serious love-seekers.

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